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Random Photo Sets

Norfolk Island

This is just a teaser for the Norfolk Island Lightbox.

It has nearly nearly 200 images and I still have many more than that....

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Solomon Islands

Honiara is the capital of Solomon Islands located on the island of Quadalcanal. Life is not easy for the Solomon Islanders dealing with...

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Outback Australia

Outback Australia is a place of harsh landscapes but also of great beauty. From abandoned building and cars to the people who make a...

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Overland Track Tasmania

The Overland Track is a hike through some of Tasmania's most remote wilderness areas. The hike goes from Cradle Mountain to Lake St...

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Balloon Festival 2013

Each year Canberra hosts one of the worlds great Balloon Festivals. It is a special festival because it is in the middle of Canberra, with...

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Rome the Eternal City

Rome the Eternal City, Ostia Antica, Florence and Orvieto. Some of the most historically fascinating places, where everywhere you look are...

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Historic Houses of Tasmania

Tasmania has a wealth of historic houses built in the Old Colonial and Victorian styles of the nineteenth century. They range from humble...

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Waterfalls of the Wet Tropics

With the highest rainfall of Australia, the Far North Queensland region is blessed with a multitude of spectacular Falls : from the...

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Alizarin Lizards Popular Dunedin Band

The popular Dunedin based band Alizarin Lizards performing the day before ‘Listen’ a one-day performance within the 2011 Dunedin Fringe...

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Historical Places

Historical places that had an impact on world events and changed history.

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Old Dhaka

Visiting Old Dhaka in Bangladesh is like stepping back in time with its treadle sewing machines, rickshaws as the main form of transport,...

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Atiu, The Island Of Makatea. Cook Islands

Atiu is one of the few places in the world where you can see the Makatea, the fossilized coral that covers the interior of the island. Due...

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