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Historical Places

Historical places that had an impact on world events and changed history.

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Red-winged Parrot - Aprosmictus erythropterus.

View images of the Australian native Red-winged Parrot feeding on wild Sun Flower seeds in a farm paddock. Early one morning I photographed...

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Wallabies, Bennett's Tree Kangaroo & Possums.

The rarely seen Bennett's Tree Kangaroo and her baby, Agile Wallabies and Brush tail Possums and babies....all images were captured in...

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Historic Munich in Bavaria, Germany

Munich is almost too good to be true!

The Octoberfest is legendary, but do not miss the English Gardens. Pack a lunch and...

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Bighorn Sheep in Canadian Rockies

Bighorn sheep are common in the Canadian Rockies.

They are easy to spot in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, especially...

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Australian Birds And Animals

A gallery of images of Australian animals and birds. Some are common wildlife that are easily spotted. Others can only be found in specific...

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Vietnam Today

Vietnam’s history began 2700 years ago a nation that survived invasion after invasion and up till the mid 1980’s had suffered further...

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Aboriginal Children Playing

These photos show the usually hidden side of Aboriginal Communities, happy kids doing what all children do; playing, having fun. Some in...

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Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, is the most touristic island of the archipelago of Cook Islands. Located on the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands are a...

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Dordogne valley, medieval village, wine and Mascaret.

The valley of the Dordogne River (France), as well as being a place of production of fine wines, is also a valley rich of history,...

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A walk to Gap Creek Falls in the Watagan Mountains

Gap Creek Falls are located in the wet forest of the Watagan Mountains that form part of the sandstone escarpment to the west of Lake...

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When pelicans come to feed

There are places on the coast where the pelicans gather to take advantage of a free meal. A few arrive first, and then more of them circle...

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