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Melbourne, Australia

A selection of images of Melbourne, Australia - includes the Melbourne skyline, the Yarra River, aerial images as well as historic and well...

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Solomon Islands

Honiara is the capital of Solomon Islands located on the island of Quadalcanal. Life is not easy for the Solomon Islanders dealing with...

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Port Arthur Tasmania

Established in 1830 the Port Arthur penal station developed to house over 2000 convicts, soldiers and civil staff a decade later. It was...

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Volcanoes of Java

The island of Java in Indonesia is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. There are more than 30 active volcanoes which are...

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Extreme Kayaking in Far North Queensland

Above average river fitness, very sharp paddling skills, bullet proof rolling technique, self and team rescue readiness, a good dose of...

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Hiking The Whistlers, Jasper, Alberta

Hiking The Whistlers, a mountain in Jasper National Park, is popular with families and tourists of all ages because the Jasper Tramway does...

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Concepts in Life

These photos all relay a message of varying concepts and moments in our lives. My aim for you-the viewer is that each image should...

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Daintree Coast Sunrise

The Daintree Coast in Far North Queensland has many pristine beach's including Cape Tribulation. The Daintree and The Great Barrier...

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Underwater Modelling

Snorkelling, Scuba diving, free diving or underwater painting... modelling underwater on the Great Barrier Reef is challenging and...

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Creative Colours

This gallery has some examples of coloured and creative images that I have shot. They display colour in different ways- bright,muted...

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Mount Mulligan and Tyrconnell Mines

Discover the Tyrconnell Gold mine north of Dimbulah, with its working stamper battery. Continue on to Mount Mulligan where Qld's...

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Bushfire Prevention - Backburning.

View images of backburning which is a preventative measure to ensure a bushfire can not take hold in dense bush near Townsville, Far North...

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