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Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. This group of photographs captures some of the aspects of the city that show the buddist culture and faith...

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Tropical Frangipanis

A collection of the beautiful Frangipani plant species,scientific name is Plumeria,a native to tropical America.These images are from the...

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Rarotonga, the pearl of Cook Islands

Rarotonga is not only a place for tourists with resorts and beaches protected from the lagoon, but it is also tropical forest, hikin,...

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The Kanyaka Run

Stone ruins of the the once grand Kanyaka Run. In 1864 more than 40,000 sheep were hand-sheared here. Today it is abandoned and lays in...

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Frogs seen in North Queensland, Australia.

View images of various species of frogs found in North Queensland, Australia. From the very large Giant Waterholding Frog at 100mm to the...

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Atiu, The Island Of Makatea. Cook Islands

Atiu is one of the few places in the world where you can see the Makatea, the fossilized coral that covers the interior of the island. Due...

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Insects of Australia - Cicada (family Cicadidae)

View images of the fascinating Cicada shortly after emerging from its shell. These interesting insects initially, upon emerging, are multi...

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Arthur Boyd Legacy

The Bundanon Trust's properties on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra NSW provide a museum experience and education opportunities in...

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Fun in a Temperate Rainforest

Wangat Lodge in the Hunter Valley of NSW offers eco-friendly lodging and hiking and does extensive work with school camp groups. Hiking...

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Zillertalbahn Railway, Tyrol, Austria

The Zillertalbahn (Ziller Valley Railway) is Austria's most famous narrow gauge, steam powered railroad. Model railroaders around the...

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Alberta Prairie Plains Bison

The plains bison, (Bison bison bison) are one of two sub-species found in North America. Bison are sometimes incorrectly called buffalo.

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Rambling in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts - spectacular natural landscapes combined with historic buildings, thought-provoking historic events and...

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