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Random Photo Sets

The Romantic Rhine

The Rhine river originates in the Swiss Alps and meanders by Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Perhaps the...

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Harz Mountains Steam Trains

Nestled at the foot of the Harz Mountains, in Germany, the medieval town of Wernigerode hosts the main railroad of the Harz Narrow Gauge...

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Northern Alberta Canada

In Northern Alberta Canada nature changes dramatically each season. In summer we have beautiful wild flowers that change as summer turns to...

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Creative Colours

This gallery has some examples of coloured and creative images that I have shot. They display colour in different ways- bright,muted...

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Old Dhaka

Visiting Old Dhaka in Bangladesh is like stepping back in time with its treadle sewing machines, rickshaws as the main form of transport,...

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Rainforest of the Maiala national park.

Beginning from the western suburbs of Brisbane is the D'Aguilar Range. This heavily timbered range is home to Maiala National Park,...

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Landscapes and seascapes in mono

A slice of North Queensland in mono, from the rainforest creeks to the Ocean,

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Beautiful dogs photographed in the studio

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Surfing the Mascaret, the tidal wave that goes up the river Dordogne.

The phenomenon of the tidal wave on the river Dordogne in France, is due to the tidal range along the Atlantic coast that, in the estuary...

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Wallabies, Bennett's Tree Kangaroo & Possums.

The rarely seen Bennett's Tree Kangaroo and her baby, Agile Wallabies and Brush tail Possums and babies....all images were captured in...

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Rambling in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts - spectacular natural landscapes combined with historic buildings, thought-provoking historic events and...

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Color blue

The color blue is all around us. This is particularly the case around the Mediterranean including Morocco.

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