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Coralscape on the Great Barrier Reef

Colorful, moody and spectacular are the ever changing sceneries from the largest Marine Park in the world : the Great Barrier Reef in...

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Southwestern USA Landscapes

The deserts of Arizona and Nevada, in the southwestern USA, provide amazing photo opportunities with bright sun, blue skies, red rocks...

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Outback Australia

Outback Australia is a place of harsh landscapes but also of great beauty. From abandoned building and cars to the people who make a...

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Floriade 2009

This Floriade was an ideal day for photographing the flowers themselves. The weather was mild with a high over cast and I gained access...

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Seascapes from south Western Australia

The coastline of the south western corner of Australia is buffeted by weather and waves coming in from vast expances of open water in the...

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Port Arthur Tasmania

Established in 1830 the Port Arthur penal station developed to house over 2000 convicts, soldiers and civil staff a decade later. It was...

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Aboriginal Children Playing

These photos show the usually hidden side of Aboriginal Communities, happy kids doing what all children do; playing, having fun. Some in...

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Old Dhaka

Visiting Old Dhaka in Bangladesh is like stepping back in time with its treadle sewing machines, rickshaws as the main form of transport,...

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HMAS Sydney Memorial

A memorial to HMAS Sydney II sunk off the Western Australian coast in November 1941 by the German HSK Kormoran sits on the top of Mount...

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Historical Places

Historical places that had an impact on world events and changed history.

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Bighorn Sheep in Canadian Rockies

Bighorn sheep are common in the Canadian Rockies.

They are easy to spot in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, especially...

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The Romantic Rhine

The Rhine river originates in the Swiss Alps and meanders by Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Perhaps the...

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