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Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, is the most touristic island of the archipelago of Cook Islands. Located on the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands are a...

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Patterns and Textures

A gallery of patterns and textures from the natural and man-made worlds and from many places around the world. Here we have patterns in...

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Rambling in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts - spectacular natural landscapes combined with historic buildings, thought-provoking historic events and...

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Echoes of War - Townsville's wartime bunkers

Townsville was a key strategic military base during World War 2. While much of the infrastructure has long gone, some of the seemingly...

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Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are popular with families because they provide the best opportunity to view wildlife in it's natural environment....

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Floriade 2009

This Floriade was an ideal day for photographing the flowers themselves. The weather was mild with a high over cast and I gained access...

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Port Arthur Tasmania

Established in 1830 the Port Arthur penal station developed to house over 2000 convicts, soldiers and civil staff a decade later. It was...

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Aboriginal Children Playing

These photos show the usually hidden side of Aboriginal Communities, happy kids doing what all children do; playing, having fun. Some in...

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Northern Alberta Canada

In Northern Alberta Canada nature changes dramatically each season. In summer we have beautiful wild flowers that change as summer turns to...

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Healthy foods are always amazing colours.

The foods that are healthy for our bodies usually have deep rich colours, such as bright orange carrots, and dark red raspberries. Healthy...

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Australian Birds And Animals

A gallery of images of Australian animals and birds. Some are common wildlife that are easily spotted. Others can only be found in specific...

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Angkor Temples

The World Heritage-listed Angkor Archeological Park around Siem Reap in Cambodia, contains many historic temples with both Hind and...

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