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Mali highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Mali, in West Africa. It is a land of contrasts: river and desert; bright coloured clothes and dark...

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Startrails from Outback Australia and Victoria

This series of photographs were taken on various camping trips over the years with most of the images captured on a road trip from...

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Learning to Fly Gliders

Gliding is a fun sport with participants all over the world. Gliding, also known as soaring, is a relatively cheap way to learn to fly and...

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Motocross riders in action.

Motocross is a type of extreme sport, physically demanding and held in all-weather conditions. Races are held on off-road circuit with...

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Wildlife Images and Illustrations

As a photographer and artist, I am always looking for creative ways to present my images in ways that others may not have seen before. This...

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North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

North Stradbroke Island is right on Brisbane's doorstep though it still has a laid back charm and old style beach holiday feel to it....

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A walk to Gap Creek Falls in the Watagan Mountains

Gap Creek Falls are located in the wet forest of the Watagan Mountains that form part of the sandstone escarpment to the west of Lake...

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Rambling in Romania

Romania is a country of contrasts - spectacular natural landscapes combined with historic buildings, thought-provoking historic events and...

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Temples of Bagan

The Plain of Bagan in Burma was once the capital of several ancient kingdoms of Burma. By the end of the 1200s, built over 230 years there...

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Australian Wildflowers

Australia is a vast continent with a great variation in climatic conditions. This results in a plethora of colourful and varied wildflowers...

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These images were captured during a two week driving tour of Newfoundland. We were treated to various weather including the tail end of a...

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Bushfire Prevention - Backburning.

View images of backburning which is a preventative measure to ensure a bushfire can not take hold in dense bush near Townsville, Far North...

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